Steyr L9-A1 Now Available

Steyr has announced the new L9-A1, shown at SHOT 2013, is now available in the United States.

The L9-A1 has a 0.5 in longer slide and barrel than the M9-A1 and has added front serrations for ease of chamber checks.

Shipments of more C40-A1, M9-A1, and M40-A1 pistols are also coming in, which have been out of stock for a short while.
I believe this is the fifteenth pistol in the series, not all of which have been imported into the USA.

M9 (9x19mm)
M9 (9x21mm)
M40 (.40S&W)
M357 (.357SIG)
S9 (9x19mm)
S40 (.40S&W)
M9-A1 (9x19mm)
M9-A1 (9x21mm)
M40-A1 (.40S&W)
M357-A1 (.357SIG)
S9-A1 (9x19mm)
S40-A1 (.40S&W)
C9-A1 (9x19mm)
C40-A1 (.40S&W)
L9-A1 (9x19mm)

The M and S series included a manual safety, which was not available on the A1 series in the USA. Early A1 series were available in Europe with or without the manual safety. Because I don’t live there, I don’t know if it is still an option.

The C series has a full length grip but an S length slide and is the only model to include conventional pistol night sights, rather than the trapezoidal sights that have really made the firearm a favorite of many.


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