Dvor’s Member’s Only Special Prices

I saw a web ad for Dvor and decided to check it out. After confirming my email and creating a login I could see what deals are offered. The layout isn’t really to browse as much as get offered a few daily deals in different categories. Instantly I recognized the prices weren’t significantly discounted.

For example, The Magpul MS3 QD sling is $8 more than buying it from Amazon, and $14 more than buying it new from an Amazon seller (which includes shipping). The price is 95 cents cheaper than buying it from Magpul’s official online storefront. I called my local gun shop and asked them the price, in-store, and it was one penny cheaper, essentially the same price. Add taxes locally and shipping remotely. In fact the only place I saw that charged more, was Optics Planet.

This is one example, though I looked at several. the tiem wasted checking on them isn’t worth it to me. They may have amazing deals from time to time, but it is unlikely to be anything that would amaze me personally.

Here is an alternate view of Dvor written in 2010 by PRWeb.



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