Fallout Red Star (Short Film)

Unlike the previous Nuka Break, this new installment shows the more dramatic side of the Wayside Creations fan films for the Fallout video game series. Red Star is a new installment that fits between the original fan film and the Nuka Break mini-series (which we’ve already posted here). If you were expecting season two of Nuka Break, like I was, breathe slowly – it’s coming.

UPDATE 2013-08-09: Someone pointed out I didn’t actually review this. So here goes (SPOILER ALERT): The opening concept was standard, I didn’t expect the explosion, and giving surprises is part of what wins me over with short films anymore. The acting was decent enough, usually any stiffness or over-dramatization should be blamed on the director, maybe not all of it, but that is my opinion. This film isn’t bad though, I didn’t have any point where I rolled my eyes at the delivery of lines. I think the production staff liked the old lady more than I did, but it is part of the story. A small side quest. The Super Mutant was a very ambitious addition, I don’t they failed, but it put the amateur feeling back into the movie as soon as he appears. I prefer the comedy of the original Nuka Cola shorts, just like I prefer the comedy of Fallout 2 over Fallout 3 or New Vegas. If you are a fan of the series, this is still part of the top rung of fan film productions. Is that enough Parian?


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