B&T KH9 Photos & Size Comparisons

I posted some information and a few photos of the KH9 previously, but B&T has a few more quality press photos to share.
B&T KH9 (7)

B&T KH9 (8)

For easy comparison, from what data I have currently, here are the sizes of the B&T sub-caliber semi-autos. Click to enlarge.
* Weight with optic and empty magazine (in 9x19mm version), all others weighed without either.

B&T KH9 (10)

B&T KH9 (1)

With an adapter the KH9 can use either magazine. Shown here is the Suomi quad-stack with the TP9/MP9 magazine originally designed and made by Steyr for their SPP/TMP.
B&T KH9 (9)

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