FB Radom BRS99

We were able to try the FB BRS-99 semi-auto 9mm as an SBR on the range this year.

It has some weight but didn’t feel as heavy as the Uzi (unscientifically from memory) but like the Uzi, it had an awkward feeling pistol grip. I’m excited for these semi-auto versions of Poland’s subguns but after shooting it, my biggest takeaway is the front sight post is much too wide, even for shooting at 25 yards. The trigger was no 1911 single-action but wasn’t awful for a firearm of this type. Keep in mind this is essentially a 1960’s classic subgun.
FB-BRS99 (1)

  • Bolt release is easy to manipulate
  • As is the side-button magazine release
  • Charging handle is large enough to easily manipulate but didn’t protrude too much
  • Appears quality built
  • Incredibly unique for collectors and enthusiast
  • Compact transport size with collapsing stock and removable barrel (assuming a 16″ sub-carbine would be imported)
  • Low recoil impulse, partially due to weight I’m sure
  • Stock does not make it difficult to shoot with electronic hearing protection


  • Can’t get a cheek-weld on the stock
  • The pistol grip was too large for my hands
  • The handguard felt a little too bulky
  • The front sight post is too wide and needs to be narrowed!
  • Bizarrely the white “P” means fire and the red “Z” means safe, we were told this would change for USA exports
Note the serial is on the top left as well as the bottom right.

Note the serial is on the top left as well as the bottom right.

The Polish FB 9x19mm semi-auto is closer to being released in the USA. A pistol version is expected, and unfortunately I tried speaking with Ted Marshall but he was swamped with people waiting to speak with him when I tried. Importation will be handled by FB Radom USA LLC of Texas.

I’ve posted about this firearm twice in the past, and am excited to see FB making progress to releasing more arms in the USA.
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