Hunan Shotguns, Two Chinese Semi-Auto Mag-Feds

A new shotgun was displayed by Hunan, full name Hunan Ordnance Small Arms Ind., of Zijiang Machinery Co.,Ltd. Founded in 1987 this small arms plant sells firearms to more than two dozen countries. The companies catalog is printed in Mandarin and English and features seven shotguns and a .50 BMG.

Looking only at the semi-auto shotguns the two options are the M412, an AR type shotgun; taking standard pistol grips, stocks, and using a full length quad-rail, not to forget the conventional AR charging handle. A feature missing on other cosmetically similar shotguns.

From the catalog I can see that the receiver is cast, the barrel is chrome-lined, the gas is adjustable and it weighs a whopping 9.5 lbs.

The next semi-auto shotgun model is the JD 01. The JD01 features a shorter handguard and gas distance. Weighing in at a little more than a pound lighter at 8.4 lbs this shogun is a little shorter for transportation due to a folding stock. If we see these imported I assume they will be welded open but did not confirm this.
Below is the Hunan JD01 closeup. The charging handle is on the right side and the magazine is not the rock-in type like an AK or M1A.


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