Romanian LP7 SMG

In Romania at BSDA 2014, the local company Cugir showed their RomArm LP-7, an SMG in use by the Romanian Gendarmerie (a military branch of their police forces).


N. ROMARM LP 7 (Uzina Mec├ínica de Cugir – Romania)

The trigger mechanism and receiver are modified from the Kalashnikov series of rifles whereas the safety-selector appears identical, at least externally. The 9x19mm Parabellum compact SMG is blowback operated, uses a 30 round magazine, and has an AK type three-position selector for safe, full-auto and semi-auto firing.

The Romanian subgun has a plastic pistol grip and handguard. The metal skeleton stock folds to the left, so won’t interfere with the safety selector or brass ejection when fired with the stock folded. There is a heatshield on the barrel and a compensator to limit muzzle rise in full-auto. The M1913 picatinny rail is mounted just after the rear sight, and though short, it is long enough for most close-quarters optics.

CUGIR RomArm LP-7 (folded)

Showing the short optic mount and stock in the folded position.

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