GIS Tactical: AKM Parts

At BSDA 2014, GIS Tactical showed an Hungarian AKM with some of their available accessories. Worthy of note, is how low profile the side-mount optics rail is. A variant of the handguards is available without the 12-O-Clock rail.

Optical Sight Mount (official link)
Quad-railed Handguards (official link)
Rail Covers (official link)
PG-11M Pistol Grip (official link)
VFG-S Short Foregrip (official link)
RFH03 Compensator & Flash-hider (official link)

GIS Technologies (GIS Tactical) was started by the manager of the design team responsible for upgrading the AK-63F for the Hungarian Army.

GIS Tactical AKM Parts

GIS Tactical AKM parts (folded)

GIS Tactical
Black Sea Defense & Aerospace

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