FB Radom To Open in Texas

FB Radom, formerly known as Fabryka Broni Łucznik (translated as: Łucznik Arms Factory) in Radom, Poland, and also known as Zakłady Metalowe Łucznik (stay with me here) – has started the paperwork to open a business in Texas. The news was announced on their Polish language Facebook page: FB Radom USA LLC 2014-03-19

Some of their AK’s were recently imported by I.O. Inc and Royal Tiger Imports. The Polish word for model is wzor and is abbreviated as Wz. The most well known AK models are the Wz.88 Tantal, Wz.96 Beryl, and the Wz.2004 Beryl. The latter of which was imported as a semi-auto titled the “Beryl Archer”.

Below are the licensed built Soviet AKM and AKMS in 7.62x39mm. Shown larger is the Polish 5.45x39mm Tantal. While below that in black are various 5.56x45mm Beryl models from the Mini-Beryl to the Archer.

FB Radom Polish-AK's

More recently FB made news with their MSBS Magpul Massada based clone and a bullpup variant the MSBS-5 (below).
Fabryka Broni Łucznik | official site (Polish, English translated version not working)
Zakłady Metalowe Łucznik | Defunct official site (Polish)

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  2. “Magpul Massada based clone”? It does look alike but clone? Do you honestly believe Radom would be allowed to make a copy of it and sell it legally? Fallowing this logic someone could say HK makes a lot of M4 clones.

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