Rear Sights: HK91, Lusa, & Related

I’m not please with what I see as incomplete welding on the Century C93 rifles. This firearm has four rounds put through it and does no function in semi-automatic.


I was looking at the welds on the NiteScout A3 vs the Lusa. For comparison, here are the rear sights on some related firearms, one polymer thrown in just because. Note the H&K brand is not the “cleanest” looking welding of the group, but is universally trusted and I have no doubt it is lined up correctly.

H&K – HK91

MKE – AT94K (licensed H&K, no peep-holes on the drum)

Vector Arms – V53P (Vector build HK93 and HK53 clones on HK33 parts kits purchased from Malaysia, I believe these were manufactured in Germany by H&K)

Century (CAI) – C93 (an HK93 built from MKE HK33’s licensed from H&K)

Lusa USA – 94 SA (American version of the Portuguese INDEP Lusa, itself engineered starting with the FMP G3 platform licensed from H&K). Far too much flash in the photo.

NiteScout A3 (an evolution of the Lusa USA)

The next two are just for fun, they don’t share the same steel welding for comparison.

German Sport Guns – GSG-5 (.22LR that externally only resembles an MP5)

Special Weapons -SP10 (a polymer firearm with styling similar to the UMP but using H&K MP5 internal parts)

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