Mini Tokarev from Zastava

M88AA version of the M88, the M88A was imported in 2011 and sold by K-Var and Arsenal, inc.
From the Zastava Arms website:
‘Pistol M88 A is an upgrade of basic model M88.
It has external safety and improvements in polymer handgrip covers and the bottom of easily detachable magazine.”

Yeah, that isn’t so clear. If someone knows Serbian they should suggest a change to their wording.

The Serbian pistol is a 9mm Tokarev style pistol and is again available in the US. I don’t work for or have any affiliation with any company importing or selling them, but as a fan of Zastava, I decided to post their availability. I view these as surplus type pistols for collecting and wouldn’t consider carrying one, not with such great more modern choices available.

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