Relic (Short Film)

I have low expectations when I find random short-films claiming to be relevant to my tastes. Relic – A Short Post Apocalyptic Film spends the first 3:30 of 8:33 minutes following a young man walking down the street and into a building. At this point he sees people out a window, curiosity and worry are apparent. The movie spends more time following him walking to another building. He’s scavenging. Then someone else in an all-too-clean hoodie wrestles with him and he is chased on foot for two minutes, and then an ending for you to discover by watching it yourself.

I don’t know anything about the people involved. For friends just having a laugh, the production and sound quality is quite good. For movie-making hopefuls, a dialogue-nude shortie can contain more plot than a Black Eyed Peas song. Kudos to them for making it and I hope they don’t quit.

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