MidwayUSA Cancels Surefire Magazine Backorders

I’ve received another backorder cancellation from MidwayUSA; I ordered the following just before the panic buying started. I’ve also yet to see the FDE Troy magazines I ordered at the same time.

Dear Valued MidwayUSA Customer,

You are receiving this communication because we have cancelled your backorder on product 170129 – Surefire MAG5-100 Magazine

In the current political environment, we understand that this item is very desirable. We have been working with Surefire to understand the availability of this item, however based upon information we have recently received from Surefire, we no longer believe they will be able to fill our orders within the next 12 months, and probably not within the next 24. For this reason, we have cancelled all backorders for this product.

Once we have established reliable delivery dates for this item, we will update the status of the product. In the meantime, please use our “Notify Me” feature on the MidwayUSA website to receive an email alert as soon as the product arrives.
We are very sorry we have been unable to satisfy this order and apologize for any inconvenience.


Customer Service

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