SIG Battle Rifles (Thirty Caliber)

We often use the SIG rifle names without explaining the models. To help with some of the confusion, here is a list of the SIG SG510 series of rifles.

Swiss military service rifle: StGw57 (photo by Rama)

It is worth noting that both the “StGw” and “SG” prefix stand for the same thing “sturmgewehr” which is where we get the term “Assault Rifle”. “StGw” is more often seen as “StG” or “STG” in the United States. The “S” and “SIG” prefix sometimes seen online are both erroneous for these models.

In more modern thinking the caliber of these guns are on the low-end of the “high-caliber” cartridges and would not be considered true assault rifles (aside from the SG510-3). This is partially where the term battle rifle was born. We will get into these names in a later post, for now think of these rifles as both assault and battle rifles.

StGw57 Swiss service rifle in 7.5×55 GP11 Swiss
G2 German service adoption of the SG510, limited acquisitions
SG510-1 Export name of the StGw57
SG510-2 Lightweight version of the SG510-1
SG510-3 7.62×39 caliber with shorter barrel and wood furniture, Finnish prototype

SG510-3 in 7.62x39mm for testing in Finland

SG510-4 7.62mm NATO caliber with wood furniture (also made in Chile by FAMAE), used in Chile and Bolivia
SG510-5 Mexican Army prototype in .30-06 caliber
SG510-6 Modernized version of the SG510-1, limited data available
Pe.57 Swiss service rifle in semi-auto, small number exported to USA, some assembled with thumbhole stocks
AMT SG510-4 in semi-auto, small number exported to USA

SIG AMT with Estes mount and a blasphemous scope

There are also some semi-automatic converted StGw57 models on the legal civilian market in Switzerland. These are known as privatized models.

We are aware of some on the civilian market in France. We have not confirmed if these are Swiss or possible French made at Manurhin. The latter seems unlikely. Any corrections, questions, or comments are appreciated.

While we will chat about these rifles more, you can also read up on them at Bigger Hammer, one of our favorite rifle websites. Though limited to information on a few models, it is the main source for many other sites posting data about the firearms they do list.

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