LAR Manufacturing Acquired by Remington Arms

Over three weeks ago I posted a rumor that LAR was likely to be acquired by The Freedom Group. A forum user linked back to us on the Texas Hunting Forum and included an email he received from LAR Manufacturing confirming this. I’m local to LAR and gave them a call – I spoke with Zac at LAR and he confirmed that Remington Arms has acquired LAR Grizzly and LAR Manufactuing. He went on to say that this news has been official for two weeks now.

One comment to “LAR Manufacturing Acquired by Remington Arms”
  1. I find it interesting The Freedom Group has no polymer or micro-compact pistol manufacturing to speak of. Is the Para Warthog the smallest firearm in their entire lineup? It seems they are still shy of entering the fastest growing category of firearms sales on the current market. Or much in the way of pistols in general.

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