FPS Industries Global – BR-556

As some of you have heard, FPS Russia’s new project is a new AR-15 type carbine. FPS Industries Global have announced on facebook, they are in the production phase. All they are offering right now are these drawings and a chance for distributors to pre-order.

I suppose the biggest news here, is the announcement it is direct gas impingement chambered in 5.56mm. Thus ending the rumors it may just be an airsoft trainer. The claim is that it is an entirely new redesign, internal photos will surface before the end of the year, I’m fairly confidant.
I maintain the grip appears out-of-scale, too thin, and an odd angle for a CQB carbine that is going to initially be offered in only one non-SBR registered configuration: a 14.5 inch barrel with a pinned on muzzle device to comply with the 16 inch rule. If it sells well, I’m sure a dedicated marksman’s rifle will be made available with a longer barrel, just my speculation, in which case that grip might make more sense. Until that day…

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  2. the guy is a crazy fucker,so he might just have something here!i`am sure the folder can only be fired with the stock in the open position and it just folds for convenience.with his following,it`s sure to be a hit!

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