The Loser Leinad Lemon

While looking for a photo from a specific event in my past, I stumbled upon some photos of a firearm I wish I could forget. The Leinad – Skorpion. If I were to describe the pistol in one word I would use “stoppage”.

I’m not going to take the time to write anything extensive here, consider it a gift of saving you some time to read something else. If you are really curious here is a delightful review written by someone else.

Key details, Leinad was previously named Cobray and changed their name after some legal issues. The Skorpion is a 9x19mm pistol and externally appears similar to the Czech Skorpion series but is designed from a sub-intellect. Think of it as an ailed MAC clone with a body-kit. The biggest issues were with feeding, 9mm ball ammunition just couldn’t travel the ramp and make it into the chamber. I had to hand-insert a round into the chamber every single round.

I sold the firearm as “doesn’t work”. The buyer sold it within a few months and claimed to never have tested it (I didn’t talk to him, I saw his Gunbroker ad). My apologies to anyone that wound up with this firearm.

If by chance you have one that works I’d love to see a video of it functioning and a field strip video to be shared to those frustrated first time owners.

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