FAMAE SG540 Series LE/Military Models

ADR Imports has been approved to bring in the select-fire SG54x models from FAMAE of Chile.

The importers are still waiting for ATF determination on semi-auto imports. The SG540 and SG543 are expected to be brought in as pistols while the SG543 7.62x51mm may be brought in as a single shot rifle. All are expected with black furniture.

All photos shown are LE/MIL select-fire models at SHOT Show 2015.



FAMAE SG540 5.56x45mm 18.1″ Bbl 37.4″ Overall (28.9″ Folded) 7.76 lbs
FAMAE SG542 7.62x51mm 18.3″ Bbl 39.4″ Overall (29.7″ Folded) 7.8 lbs
FAMAE SG543 5.56x45mm 11.8″ Bbl 31.7″ Overall (22.4″ Folded) 6.6 lbs
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