Dead Air .22LR Silencer Teaser

Dead Air Armament has posted a teaser in the form of a line drawing and announcement of what is coming next. With the combined .22LR suppressor design and heavy use experience already at Dead Air, I don’t expect this to can to be a boring entry on the NFA market.

From our talks with them the soft plan is the Sandman series (up to .300 WinMag), the MASK-22, pistol calibers (which will cover the .300 BLK), and a .338 silencer. While I’m sure there are talks of more, that’s all I’m aware of.

Astute readers will note no mention of a 5.56mm can, this is covered in the 7.62 Sandman series by replacing a future endcap with a smaller diameter hole. I suspect a dedicated can for 5.56mm would be on the list after the above list is complete, but before that we will only see that end cap and QD mounts for the appropriate caliber.

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