An Image List of KeyMod Handguards (Non AK/AR)

Here are some examples of KeyMod’s on other weapons.

Barrett 98B Fieldcraft
Shown on Euro Optic.

Bushmaster ACR
ACR Forum user mrtoyz has a prototype posted.

ACR Keymod concept

There is also an ACR airsoft version called the S.L.A.S.H. (Super Lightweight And Slim Handguard).

ACR Keymod airsoft SLASH

Midwest Industries has both a KeyMod handguard and a handguard extension (SSR) in black or tan.

VLTOR makes a version of their CASV as a KeyMod as well as the optional extension, also available in black or patriot brown.

Shown at SHOT 2014

Shown at SHOT 2014

H&K SL8/G36
Shown on a Japanese site, the real deal?

UPDATE: H&K is producing KeyMod for their weapons but they wound up designing a proprietary system. H&K always tries to lead, even when no one follows.
H&K G36 with KeyMod

H&K HK91
Prototype from Wojtek Weaponry shown on The Firearm Blog.
HK91 KeyMod Wojtek Weaponry

H&K MR556/HK416
I know I said no AR’s here, but these can’t use the conventional AR handguards due to the piston assembly. H&K with KeyMod and OSS suppressors.

Strike Industries has shown off two handguard concepts for the MR556A1.

H&K MR762/HK417
For the past year H&K has been showing prototypes with various KeyMod rails at gun shows internationally. Including some with the KeyMod’s on backwards.

Midwest Industries makes a side rail (shown), a handguard, extended handguard (shown), and an extra long handguard (for 18″ barrels only).
MI KeyMod for Tavor

Kimber SOC
Shown on Guns & Ammo with a chasis incorporating the KeyMod slots.

Robinson Armament XCR-L
Offered from RobArm as a factory option now, for any model size, including the M below.
RobArm KeyMod XCR-L

Robinson Armament XCR-M
RobArm KeyMod XCR-M SBR

RobArm KeyMod XCR-M

SigSauer MPX
Shown at SOFIC as a factory concept.

Accuracy International
This looks like KeyMod but is actually a proprietary system to themselves. Rifle with GunDoll shown at SHOT 2014.
GunDoll with AAI at SHOT 2014


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