GIS Tactical: Glock Stock

Similar to the Glock V-MAG connectors I posted recently, GIS Tactical has a matching Glock stock available. While the stock is not currently on their website, I image it is made from steel in Hungary and TENIFERĀ® treated like the V-MAG parts.

GIS Tactical Glock stock (folded)

GIS Tactical Glock stock
Shown at BSDA 2014 in Romania this year, this stock folds up to allow the pistol to be used more like a handgun. Or, folded out as an SBR (or a submachine gun with a legal Glock G18).

Below, the stock is shown on the Glock with a sling, deployed for CQB and folded up to be carried single-point styled.

GIS Tactical Glock

GIS Tactical Glock
GIS Tactical
Black Sea Defense & Aerospace

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