The Postman (1985, Book)

The Postman by David Brin is an interesting mix of speculative fiction, science fiction and epic journey style writing.

With thematic echoes of a Boy and His Dog, the main character, Gordon, stumbles his way in a post-apocalyptic landscape into an intriguing and sometimes self-defeating method of survival. While outwardly a complex mixture of lies and forgeries, Gordon’s underlying intention is non-threatening, disarming even and has the end result of not only keeping himself fed but pulling people together with hope and energizing them to forward and outward motion, something sorely lacking in the huddled and otherwise often isolated encampments.

Gordon’s intelligence and thoughtfulness make for narrative and descriptions that are easy to relate to. With hints at artificial intelligence and cybernetic enhancements from the pre-apocalyptic past, there’s enough for science brains to keep interested as well. Overall a fairly quick read and an interesting view into the author’s notions of human nature and speculations about technology and recovery from catastrophe.

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