Remnant (2010, Short Film)

I like the minimalist lighting of the opening scene. Wake up, get ready, go outside, four minutes in. Wander the wastes in a white shirt. The lead is looking for water and food, normal supplies.

I wasn’t ruining the end for people in the past, but I’ve watched enough of these that I just expect the main character to die at the end. Each is a sort of, loner’s last day. While explaining this to someone else, the main character was killed. So here is a wrap-up of most of the short post-apocalyptic fiction movies online: Wake up, walk down street, close up of damaged something, look through house, find another human or more, possible struggle, die.

I assume the writer of the following IMDB review sample hasn’t been watching as many of these as I have, “…the end scene is far more downbeat than I would have expected.”


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