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  2. Hey is it me or this one should be rather below 1 star, quality leaves a lot to be desired for if it would come at the price – BTW I am using STD viewer might be it a cause of low quality ? :/

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    • The link you supplied includes the exact same manual in the same quality, labeled “AK-47”. I wasn’t sharing this because it is the best AK type manual available, but because it was the US Army supplied manual specific to the early AK models. It is interesting in its own way. There is another one that is available, scanned from the same document, and it is entirely illegible. From my perspective, “ok” means barely passable. We have plenty of digital and non-digital AK manuals lying about, if someone is simply after an AK manual I suggest the “Arsenal SLR95, SLR96” found on StevesPages.

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