USA Arms Redesigned By Czechs in Swiss & Swedish Calibers

Images of modified Stgw57’s have popped up on the internet, and SG550 seres SAN Swiss Arms/SIG’s are seen with AR15 stocks, and dressed up much like our own modular AR system here in the USA. In many places of Europe the AR10/AR15 platform is a coveted arm to own. At least a year ago – Luvo Arms, a manufacturer in the Czech republic, have offered an AR10 type (their model LA-11) in 7.5×55 Swiss. This is the caliber of the SIG SG510-1 (Swiss Stgw57) and was a contender to the 7.62x51mm for NATO adoption
Aside from pistol calibers and the unique 5.56x23mm, Luvo Arms has also released a 6.5x55mm Swedish version of the rifle.
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Luvo Arms Luvo Arms Rifle LA-11 Copyright 2008
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