Quicksilver Pen Gun & Highlighter Suppressor

I’ve brought this into conversation enough times I thought it time to highlight Quicksilver Manufacturing’s pen guns. More known for their suppressors they have a small page about past AOW pen guns they’ve made.

Pen gun with gold-plated clip/trigger and cocking knob in the cocked positionIt’s important to keep in mind that a “pen gun” that has to swivel or fold to give you a handle [shown on PenGun.com] is not considered an AOW nor is it required to register with the ATF – unless it can fire in a configuration not requiring a pistol-like grip on the bent pipe.

pen gun and silencerAbove is a Quicksilver pen gun attached to one of their suppressors. Below is a limited suppressor they made for a friend or associate. I don’t have personal experience with any of the shown pen guns, just the SSG models (for a later post) but I’ve been a long time fan of these novelty or backup defense pieces.

Quicksilver Accent SuppressorVisit Quicksilver Manufacturing LLC at QsMSilencers.com.

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