Video: Lusa Field Strip

We introduced the Lusa earlier this week, now see how to field strip this semi-auto variant.

We didn’t receive a manual with our firearm, including the official procedure with it, here is our disassembly.

  1. Put firearm on safety
  2. Remove magazine
  3. Check chamber is clear
  4. Un-thread barrel nut
  5. Remove barrel nut and barrel
  6. Remove stock pin
  7. Remove stock
  8. Remove trigger housing
  9. Move safety selector to the 12:00 position and remove
  10. Remove trigger pack from trigger housing
  11. Remove the retaining pin from receiver
  12. Remove aluminum plug
  13. Remove return spring
  14. Remove bolt assembly
The reassemble, do everything in reverse.
  • Part of the safety check is also to ensure the hammer is in the rear cocked position. It will need to be in this position for reassembly as well.
  • The trip-lever of the trigger pack has a slim area towards the front of the bottom area of the bolt it has to slide into.
  • If the stock pin is having trouble going in, there shouldn’t be a lot of resistance, make sure the trigger pack is all the way forward.This should only require a firm push forward on the stock. With the housing forward, the stock and stock pin should install without difficulty.
  • The handguard and grip can be removed with just a screwdriver.
  • The firing pin can be removed with a punch, be careful to not damage or lose the roll pin.

Lusa has a PDF available of the firearm disassembled as well as a small gallery of photos.

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