Steyr AR15 Type Rifle

Steyr Mannlicher of Austria has announced a new semi-automatic rifle line, the STM556. The new Steyr features a quick change barrel, a great advantage when used in IAR/SAW roles. The gas system is a short-stroke borrowed from their own AUG series of rifles but rotated to change the location of the piston itself.
I can’t help but think the market will eventually become saturated for AR15’s. Though it appears that time must come soon, manufacturers looking to contend for contracts, continue to introduce their own variations. Personally, I’d be interested if they sold AR15’s to United States civilians. I am not shy to admit I enjoy Steyr rifles.

Reported on The Firearm Blog, originally from Strategie Technik (in Austrian). We’ll be watching to see if this firearm gets listed on their official Steyr-Mannlicher Military/Law Enforcement page.

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