KelTec RFB Problem

I posted about this on and hope to find some feedback from more experienced users.

One of my main shooting buddies brought me his RFB and said it stopped functioning while shooting. He got through at least two magazines okay. It was a bit tight taking it apart and I noted the bolt wouldn’t go into battery. Upon taking it apart I found this (see attached).

I’m not sure what they call this part (part # 175 on page 4 of the electronic manual) but I just call it the “guide”. The only thing I can think would have caused this is a jam from either a live round or a spent casing just getting wedged in there.

The Military Arms Channel has also recently posted on the Bullpup Forum and Facebook about problems with their RFB.

I say this with some unease, I really like the RFB quite a bit. However, I want to love the RFB, yet I don’t see it as a practical semi-auto. While I have access to several, like the one above, I haven’t yet written a check for one personally. As far as I can tell the part could bend back into shape easily, but the rifle isn’t too old. I’m looking forward to finding out how KelTec’s customer service handles this issue.

UPDATE 2012 October 25: KelTec has offered to replace the broken part, upon receiving the damaged chute, they will ship the replacement. KelTec’s customer service has also explained that part #175 is the “ejection chute”.

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  2. Same thing happened to me yesterday on both sides of the chute causing the recoil springs to jam forward. The unsprung slide moved so quickly that it bent the rear of the top cover and knocked my recoil pad back 1/4 inch.

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