News Flash: Gun Lockers & Portable Safes Aren’t Great

Forbes is currently running an article that shows gun safes can be opened by toddlers. I received half a dozen emails on this last Friday, all by friends and acquaintances unfamiliar with firearms themselves. The following video is straight from that article.

Defcon, a “hacker” convention held each year in Las Vegas, had a great lecture on breaking into these small safes last year. Coincidentally Defcon is this current weekend. I suggest watching this video since he follows up with a recommendation for a small gun safe. I personally don’t like the idea of storing firearms in a locker (aka cabinet), such as the kind sold by Stack-On, they can be easily broken into with a crowbar or even just a Bic pen. I really don’t view any of the “safes” in these videos as anything other than lock boxes or lockers. At least, acknowledging semantics, they aren’t proper firearm safes.

My opinion is this, don’t have children.


Update 2012 July 29: ENDO posted the same Forbes video and article, and also the Defcon video some time ago as well. I suggest ENDO for amusing firearm related YouTube videos.

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