The Return Of The Linda Carbine

Remember Linda?
Wilkinson Arms Linda poster

Seen in Magnum P.I., The A-Team, and the 1971 Hawaii Five-O movie, the firearms were a lesser known icon of 1970’s and 80’s film.

Wilkinson sold them 1970-98 until Ray Wilkinson’s death when the company was reformed as Northwest Arms 2000—2005. In 2013 Northwest Arms announced the return as the LE-3. While never produced in large quantities the new Wilkinson Arms is re-introducing the Linda as a carbine with a slated release of Autumn of this year.

The blowback 9x19mm firearm has been sold under the names of Wilkinson Arms, J&R Engineering, PJK, and Northwest Arms. Different model names include the M68, M80, Terry, Linda, Sherry, and LE3.

Wilkinson Arms 2016 Linda Carbine

The new production (shown above) also have AR!5 buttsock and AK underfolder stock adapters. The listed MSRP is $799 while used ones sell currently for anywhere between $500 and $1000 and sometimes as much as $1500. Lower valued ones are generally pistols. The standard magazines are 18 and 31 rounds, which is likely the biggest contributing factor in price; that is, how many mags does it come with?

Wilkinson Arms Logo

The Wilkinson Linda is named in several “Assault Weapon Bans’ including Connecticut and Feinstein’s 2013 proposed AWB.

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8 comments to “The Return Of The Linda Carbine”
  1. Hi, I have the Wilkinson Arms “Terry” Model. we do enjoy shooting the 9mm. I am looking for the “firing pin spring”, do happen to know where I can find it.

  2. Hi Ethan, thanks for the information, I will definitely order the parts. My rifle is at the gun shop at the moment. The Armorer keeps telling me that they can’t find the correct spring, well with this information I will probably order 3 of them. I don’t see where I can add my photo. Also, you said that Wilkinson arms is back in business, that’s great, can you give me their information.


  3. Ethan, thank you for the article! We were able to get Josh the parts he needed. FYI, while Numrich lists parts for the Linda and Terry, they have few if any actually in stock.

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