GM6M Lynx Coming to Canada

Tactical Imports Corp. issues a press release claiming the GM6M Lynx as the only commercially available semi-automatic .50 BMG bullpup. The compact mag-fed anti-material rifle is equipped with a match grade Lothar Walther barrel, capable of sub-MOA accuracy.
The GM6 Lynx series is manufactured by Sero in Hungary.


“Rifles are made to order. Due to production streamlining, delivery has been reduced to a time of only 2 months on average. Priced at $14,699. 35% deposit required. Payment/layaway plans available.”


Caliber: .50 BMG
Effective Range: 1500m
Magazine Capacity: 5
Method of Operation: Long Recoil Action
Operating Length: 1126mm
Transportation Length: 928mm
Barrel Length: 730mm/910mm
Weight, Empty: 11500g
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