YHM Sidewinder Suppressors

YHM had a large amount of accessories with them at SHOT Show. When asked what was new, the pistol caliber Sidewinder (9mm, .40, .45) suppressor was the object pulled out.
The outer tube is 6061 aluminum, the baffle mono-core is 7075 aluminum, leaving the adapter, Nielsen sleeve, blast baffle, and rear cap in 17-4ph (precipitation hardened) stainless steel.

The suppressor disassembles for cleaning and comes with a heat resistant pouch that can be used to protect the hand while removing the hot silencer from the firearm. More interestingly, the Sidewinder has 12 index points that allow you to adjust point of impact while remaining attached to the host firearm. I personally haven’t needed this ability but it is an interesting option for those that have found this to be an issue.

The end cap of the new YHM Sidewinder silencer.

Some stock photos provided by YHM while at SHOT Show.

YHM also introduced some new AR15 pistols in various calibers and barrel lengths featuring their KeyMod handguards.

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