Standard Manufacturing DP-12

“12 Gauge Double Pump Repeater” the flyer reads, with a 16 round capacity. The DP-12 is a new shotgun sold exclusively through Cheaper Than Dirt.

We chose not to wait in line at Media Day at the Range to test this out. My personal feelings on most of these “new-tech” shotguns is that few are truly reliable. It takes quite a bit of shooting experience with a firearm to really test out reliability. I know what a 12 gauge feels like to shoot, and a successful dump of 16 or 160 shells wasn’t going to convince me to write about how “reliable” it is. It may be great, but I’m currently pessimistic towards futuristic tactical shotguns in general.

That said – Keep innovating, I like seeing new ideas put into production.



For more information, ENDO posted a video link with some thoughts, and Cheaper Than Dirt’s Shooters Log posted more in depth about the design and function.


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