The FNH SCAR PDW has gone through many variations since the first tease half a decade ago. The photos below are what I call the 2015 model but maybe the best thing to do is keep track of the variants via the serial number. In this case, number PDW000313.

Retaining the two position collapsing stock and shorter gas system than a standard SCAR in 5.56mm, this model also has an attached polymer handguard that protects the fingers and feels comfortable. I personally think this handstop makes for a less attractive PDW than prior releases but I’m sure it would grow on me as it proves its usefulness. The PDW stock is interchangeable with the standard SCAR stocks.

The PDW weighs in at 5.5 lbs. The cold hammer forged barrel is 6.75″ long making for an overall length of 20.5″ collapsed and 24.9″ with the stock extended. The gun is only made in select-fire and not available on the civilian market. Commence booing.

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