Colt at SHOT Show 2015

Colt will be doing a limited run of M1903 pocket hammerless pistols in the original .32 Auto caliber. If sales are decent we may see returns of the M908 pocket hammerless pistol. There are no plans to bring back the .32 Auto M1903 pocket hammer pistol. I got the hint there would be no news on any other model so I didn’t start drilling down the list on models like the M1902 and M1908 Vest Pocket.

These new made Colt M1903 models will sell for well under $1,000. Worth noting, as someone that follows prices on Browning pistol designs made by both FN and Colt, I can say auction sites for older M1903 models have flared up. Not only are more people suddenly trying to sell their old models, the prices commanded have gone up a great deal. Don’t be suckered.

A Colt cutaway was shown on a rail gun.

The Colt factory .300 BLK was announced last year but is first shipping in 2015. Colt also expanded the 901 series into many more models but most of this news came out pre-SHOT. Read more about the new M.A.R.C. 901 on Tactical-Life.

Shown at SHOT Show last year, Colt is now offering the 6920 in A-TACS AU (top) and A-TACS FG (bottom).

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