Zenith Imports MKE (H&K Type Firearms)

The Turkish licensed copies of the H&K roller-delayed firearms will return as imports through importer Zenith Firearms. The video below gives a good overview of which models will be available.

Z-5K Pistol: 9mm, 5.8″ barrel without muzzle device
Z-5P Pistol: 9mm, 5.8″ barrel with muzzle device
Z-5RS Pistol: 9mm, 8.9″ barrel
Z-5 Rifle: 9mm, 16.1″ barrel
Z-43P Pistol: 5.56mm, 12″ barrel
Z-43 Rifle: 5.56mm, 16.1″ barrel
Z-41 Rifle: .308, 16.1″ barrel

MSRP ranges from $1499 to $1799 for the pistols and rifles above.


MKE Z-41 with tri-rail handguard


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