Sarsilmaz SAR109 9mm Sub-Carbine

The SAR109 is a Turkish AR type 9mm subgun made by Sarsilmaz. The magazine is a Colt 9mm SMG type, the lower receiver is proprietary with a shortened magwell from a STANAG compatible lower. The upper receiver and bolt are also shortened to make a more compact overall size.
I think the shortened carry handle is cute, I like the Sarsilmaz stock, and overall like the firearm. I’ve regretted selling AR15 9mm rifles in the past, but I always found the magwell blocks and feed ramps to be problematic. I think this might be a better way to go.
Sarsilmaz has setup here in the USA and will first make the 9mm available and follow with the SAR223 model after. I am unclear if they will be 100% USA made or if they are importing Turkish parts and then assembling here with parts for 922r compliance.

Sarsilmaz Official Site
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