PTR 32 Gen.2 Now Available

The PTR Industries PTR32 Gen.2 is now available. The H&K HK32 was the design inspiration, but unlike past USA built HK32 clones, the PTR is based on the .308 rifle and not the 5.56mm.

The new USA made rifle has a tapered barrel to reduce weight but is of a design to maintain accuracy. The handguard has been made lighter as well. More importantly, what the public wanted most, the new design tackled the issue of compatibility with the wide margin of AK magazine specs. In fact, the new design is even AK drum compatible. PTR32-Gen2

UPDATE: The MSRP of the two current models are $1245 for the PTR32 Gen.2 KFM4R (above) and $1029 for the KFR (below).GEN-2-32-KFR

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