New FN Products For 2015: FNS Compact & FN15 Models

FN discontinued their last compact pistol more than half a decade ago, the mid-sized FNP-9M. With compact pistols being so in demand, it seems a mistake on the commercial market not to offer something smaller than their standard frames. In 2015 we will see the FNS-9 and FNS-40 both brought in compact form. The compact model will retain the front slide serrations, rail, and changeable backstraps. The controls and sights have smoothed out to be anti-snag. Pistols will ship with two 12 round magazines and one 17 round magazine (10 and 14 for the .40S&W).

Update: The FNS Compacts are already available at Slick Guns.

Though the AR market has become saturated, I am still excited for some improved FN15 models, of which there will be three.

The FN15 DMR will feature an 18″ match 1:7 twist hammer-forged barrel, continuous top rail, Surefire muzzle brake, Timney competition trigger, and Magpul furniture. Other Magpul features include the M-LOK attachment points on the handguards and MBUS backup sights.

The FN15 Tactical Carbine is a mid-length addition to the lineup. With the mid-length gas system is a chrome-lined hammer-forged 16″ barrel with a three prong flash suppressor. Promoted as the first guns to feature the Magpul M-LOK system, the Tactical Carbine also has a Magpul stock. With an MSRP under $1500 it is good news that the rifle also comes with an ALG Defense combat trigger.

Lastly is the FN15 Sporting model which is similar to the DMR. As well as the 18″ barrel the rifle also comes with the same Surefire ProComp muzzle brake and Timney trigger. the grip and buttstock are again Magpul but with a Samson Evolution rail. While this is nice, at $1750 I think it will be a hard sell to anyone not buying the rifle for the name, at least in the market of right now.

We’ve been hoping to see a SCAR DMR, and while it might still happen, I won’t save all my range ammo until that day.

FNH FN15 Rifle

The already available FN15 Rifle.

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