IWI Galil ACE Pistols With Stabilizing Brace

IWI Galil ACE with folding brace open-sides 2014
IWI US is asking users on Facebook if they prefer the sidefolding stabilizing brace with or without the open sides. I’d be concerned the brace wouldn’t be stable enough for versital use without the closed sides but do prefer the open look. I’d almost prefer to just pay for the SBR registration and have the proper stock.

I am pleased to see they are working on a brace of their own design instead of purchasing the SigSauer Inc. brace that we are all used to seeing.

Keep in mind this is the same folding stock and brace we can expect to be offered on the Uzi Pro about the same time in Spring of next year.
IWI Galil ACE with folding brace 2014

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