Dead Air Silencers

With a substantial history of shooting long-range, pistol, rimfire, and select-fire, Mike Pappas has put more rounds through a can than anyone else I know. Mike is a shooter first, so when he says he wants a suppressor that isn’t compromising sound, accuracy or longevity – I know to pay attention.

Enter his new company Dead Air Armament ( with its first products, the Sandman series of 7.62mm caliber suppressors. What specs I currently can find on the website puts it right next to the competition, but it has one difference that caught my eye. One of my biggest complaints with suppressors is with the quick detach mounts, I’ve probably had more than my fair share of mount problems, but I still prefer to use QD. Dead Air Armament’s QD mount looks like it won’t suck!

Muzzle mount options will be available; a flash-hider alternative is absolutely happening. Sandman suppressors will be available to purchase in this last quarter of 2014, there will not be a wait for the cans to be shipped once the forms are received back, manufacturing will be fully underway. The suppressors are manufactured at Black Powder Industries (BPI) in Georgia. Dead Air Armament will be sharing a booth with BPI at SHOT Show 2015.

I’m ready for that logo to be on a shirt as I start a new quiet cult.


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