The All New B&T USA

In March it was reported Armati Imports would be bringing in the B&T (formerly Br├╝gger & Thomet) firearms and parts. While they’ve done some of the former the importing of B&T will now be handled by B&T USA, a brand new sister company to B&T AG of Switzerland.

Armati will still continue to support the companies it has made arrangements with but will now be concentrating on other imports. Armati is most known for being the first company in over twenty years to bring in Swiss made SG55x series firearms into the USA.89kl

B&T USA will be manufacturing the Swiss B&T suppressors domestically, to the same specs, with the identical materials, and from the original blue prints. The B&T suppressors are used by Glock in Austria, FN Herstal in Belgium, and H&K in Germany, they are the de facto official suppressors for the European law enforcement market.

The paperwork is already filed with the ATF for the import of the B&T APC series. The first imports are expected to be APC series in pistol form, with the ability to convert it to an SBR, with an NFA stamp. Currently the APC is offered in .300BLK, 5.56mm, .45 Auto, and 9x19mm. It is expected the TP9 will follow, it is not confirmed if this will newer version with the updated more-ergonomic safety selector (similar to the B&T MP9N sub machine gun).



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