Repurposed Tool Into Carving Knife

My brother, being the man my brother is, needed a wood carving knife so he made one from items around the house.
Starting with a SnapOn brand file. These are US Made high carbon steel, probably 1095 but could be W2 or M2. Files are generally hardened to around 65 Rockwell. Inexpensive files, like those found in discount tool stores, are only case hardened, with only the outer surface having a high carbon hardening. The blade is so hard that a standard drill bit would not cut it.
He then “cold ground” the blade with a grinding wheel and water. Final shaping on a cheap sharpening stone, then honed on diamond plates, 1000 grit sandpaper, and final polish on a leather strop. The angle of the blade is Swedish styled.
Steel pins are from scraps but the handles are primarily attached with epoxy. “The handles are probably maple, maybe alder, from a pallet.” Yeah, he needed handles so he took some wood off of a pallet. The tang is full American style; the filing surface can be felt lightly on the back of the tang, like the edges of a quarter.
Leather “dangler” sheath handmade using scraps. I like the humbleness of this useful knife. It has the flavor of an Opinel or Svord, but without a name behind it.


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