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FN logo black largeOf all of my updates the FN news is the most speculative, I’m putting together information gathered from several employees, and discarding the information from elsewhere, because it has so far been officially denied by the company.

The FS2000 is no longer in the catalog, nor the F2000 as an offering for LE. From asking many FN employees, the answer is always the same: The FS2000 isn’t canceled but they aren’t on order. What I can gather from the Belgian side of the business is they don’t have any F2000 contracts to fulfill currently so they aren’t in production, therefore semi-autos aren’t being made either. The really bad news here is a possible increased scarcity of replacement parts. In 2012 I sent in an FS2000 and a PS90 to FNH USA, for warrant repairs, and it took a full year to have them returned. When calling for a check-in, I was told they were waiting for parts from Belgium. I fear this will get worse. FNH USA customer service isn’t what it used to be.

FN F2000 Standard

This above could be complete rubbish, but I post it in hopes of someone official telling me the real news. It is what I believe to be most likely currently.

FNH FN15 Carbine

However, the FN15 rifles replace the FS2000 series in the catalog with more 5.56mm rifles. The first offerings are an M4 and M16A4 type. The price is under $1100 but at the cost of lesser barrels. the barrels are still chrome lined quality barrels, but they are button-broached rather than then the desired cold hammer-forged barrels used on their select-fire counterparts. When the better barrels are used, expect the price to increase at least $100.

FNH FN15 Rifle

I miss the PS90 with the traditional sight profile, the USG model wasn’t around last year either.


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