Colt’s New Colors

Colt is introducing a few more color options, some may have already been seen. The first is a disruptive pattern I’d like to see on a triangular handle retro firearm, like an XM607A or classic Vietnam 20″ barreled M16. This is a 6920 in tiger stripe camouflage (LE6920TS). Available from Talo Distributors.
LE6920TS_left copy

Next our two very welcome additions, both 6920’s, the first in ATAC standard desert color (LE6920MPATAC) and the second in ATAC foliage green (LE6920MPFG). These are hydro-dipped (static water transfer) with officially licensed patterns.


This pink and purple 9x19mm AR is a model 6951 in Muddy Girl camouflage (AR6951MPMG). Available from Talo Distributors.

I saw this at SHOT 2014 and made a verbal decision to not photograph it. I don’t like it personally, but I don’t criticize personal taste in competition firearms. If a friend purchased this however, there would be some nick names made.

From pages 15 & 22 of the Colt Consumer Catalog 2014 – download PDF.

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