1984 Review of the Holloway HAC-7

In 1984 Firepower “A Magazine of Exotic Weaponry” had an exclusive first review of the Holloway HAC-7. While much of the information was provided by a friend in a prior article, this has some new and interesting reading. Such as the RFP (Reciprocating Feed Plate) and the details of materials used. At five pages, this is a worthy print article review.

“Start with a cartridge and work your way out.” Bob Holloway, on designing a rifle.

I don’t believe this has been posted online before, and we wouldn’t have it if a friend had not sent it to us. The cover and all five pages of the article are shown below, I’ve also provided a higher-resolution PDF download in the following line.

Firepower Magazine Holloway Arms’ HAC-7: A Revolutionary New .308 Battle Rifle Available in Right- And Left-Handed Versions by Gary Hill p.20-25 1984-07


Firepower 1984-07 HAC-7

Firepower 1984-07 HAC-7 p.20

Firepower 1984-07 HAC-7 p.21

Firepower 1984-07 HAC-7 p.22

Firepower 1984-07 HAC-7 p.23

Firepower 1984-07 HAC-7 p.24

Firepower 1984-07 HAC-7 p.25

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