Everyday Carry

Today’s EDC includes a tablet. I generally don’t carry the same thing daily; holsters (not shown because I didn’t want to take it off) and knives vary greatly. I do always carry a spare vehicle key in my wallet, I haven’t needed it, but I take frequent road trips so it seems wise.

I don’t get too fancy with items these days. After breaking, losing, or being disappointed with expensive knives, flashlights, and sunglasses – I no longer carry the best I have. I’m sure it is something many of you struggle with as well. I have plenty of pocket knives in the $30-$60 range I’d be a lot less mad to lose than a $250+ knife that has been discontinued.


If anyone has one of these SigSauer flashlights they’d like to sell, I’d be interested (no matter how old this post is). They discounted this line from SigTac and I like them all around.

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