MARS Armament M1911 THUG

The MARS Armament – M1911 Twight Hard Use Gun (THUG).


The customer supplied Colt Rail Gun has all new internals and a new beavertail and safety machined from bar stock. The hammer is made from tool steel and lightened for better lock-time. A gen.2 MARS mag guide is used with a hand blended interior.


There are ball cuts on the slide nose, a French border on the slide shoulder, and a bevel on the slide bottom.


The pistol has the MARS reliability package finished with tungsten and black Cerakote.


You can read much more about the THUG from Darryl Bolke’s article below.

 Bolke, Darryl. Here Comes the THUG, Surefire Combat Tactics Magazine, Summer 2007 (PDF)
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 MARS Armament MARS Armament THUG Features
 Military Morons MARS Armament 1911 Makeover 2007-10-27


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