Glock 41 & 42 Rumors

Glock-G42_TFBThe model 41 & 42 Glock rumors have been building; including a fake ad that has been circling the internet, comparing it to a Ronson lighter with what appears to be a vintage Zippo. (Update: Reader GQ pointed out it has been run in print magazines and is not fake.)

We’ll know soon enough, but for those that are excited for all the news coming out of SHOT 2014 – here’s what we do know.

Sportsman’s Depot has the Glock model 41 listed, a Gen 4 13+1 .45 Auto:


And RSR Group, a distributor, is showing AmeriGlo already has sights designed for the Glock 42, a .380 Auto:


Note the part is: GL-380

The Glock 40 is another one that hasn’t been released. Circa 2006 I recall hearing it would be a .22LR, which is fantastic for retail clerks since the G22 is a .40SW. I imagine conversations becoming something like a Monty Python sketch. Don’t assume it is a .22LR because I posted so, I don’t know any better than you do.


UPDATE 2013-DEC-26: The Firearm Blog has posted some ads for the G42 “Pocket Glock” in .380Auto.

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6 comments to “Glock 41 & 42 Rumors”
  1. When is Glock going to wake up and smell the success of the S&W Shield? We don’t need a Glock 380; we need and want a Shield sized Glock in 9mm and .40S&W. I was a Glock guy for the longest time but the Shield (my CCW) has me taking a serious look at the rest of the M&P line of pistols.

  2. The Ameriglo part number may just be coincidence. They also list a GL-382 for the Glock 42 at RSR. Also, the part numbers for the other Glock sights don’t necessarily correlate to a description of the firearm or it’s caliber. For example: the 3-Dot Tritium Sights for the 17/19/22 are #GL-113. Just some food for thought.

  3. If it’s going to be a .380, how will it be different or better than the existing Glock .380’s that are LEO? Why nit open those to private citizens? As u understand, they were only LEO because the import criteria for small handguns weren’t met.

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